Hello Friends! Welcome to my site. My name is Charisse Jones and I am a messenger for Jesus Christ. I believe my PAST has propelled me into the future God has ordained for my life. And, I deem that for your life as well. I feel that reflection encourages innovation and transformation. There’s no better way to initiate your transformation than in the Word of God. So join me in this journey we call “life” with Jesus Christ at the forefront. Charisse

“God has a plan for our life and to obtain His Divine plan, we must learn, grow, and serve others. Live with purpose!”

Meet Charisse

Charisse Jones is a Christian, wife, mother, author, and educator. She has eighteen years of teaching experience and has been blessed to work with all ages from preschool to college level.

She is passionate about ministering God’s Word through teaching and writing to help others encounter the presence, wisdom, and love of God. While developing her relationship with God, her desire to write and share God’s love for His children blossomed.

As a blog writer for the past five years, she frequently posts inspirational messages on her website. As God pours wisdom into her heart, she shares this wisdom with others. She posts monthly devotions on her blog website, devotionspirit.com.

Charisse became a published author April 2020 with her new book “Are You There God?” “Are You There God” is a vision God gave her to inspire others to see and know that God is always with us even when we do not feel or acknowledge Him! She resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and their two boys.


Are You There God

“Are You There God” created to empower believers and yet believers that God is always present. In life we all have a journey to experience and story to share with others. Thus, God did not create us to walk this road alone. God desires to protect, provide, correct, and direct us, but we must recognize that He exist. We have to acknowledge that life is more than what is visible to our eyes and understand that an encounter with Jesus is both spiritual and tangible through God’s Word.

“Are You There God” was birthed by reflecting on my experiences and wanting to share this with others to inspire and lead them to Christ! It’s a practical application of my life and biblical accounts, which helped me to see God. Those same experiences may be your story or different, but reflection on your life can help you see where God was and still is today.

I hope that as I share my story with you, it will help you recognize, encounter, and embrace the living God who longs to be your lifelong partner. Jesus Christ never meant of us to experience life without Him and His companionship. God loves you so much that He gave His only Son (John 3:16 NIV) for your sins, for your present existence, and your future eternal salvation.

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Are You There God? Amidst the Darkness Look to the Light


Made New

Revelation is a beautiful gift when you can observe the God of yesterday for today and believe in His Word and Promises. Today I read Numbers 19 and within this chapter, God gave specific instructions to Moses and Aaron for using water to cleanse the people. The instructions entailed using the ashes of a sacrifice …

Stay On Course

When I woke up this morning, I was in decision mode—reflecting on life’s obstacles and struggling to make the right decisions. It was time to run!!! Instead of running on the main road this morning, I decided to run on the trail. The trail always helps to clear my head and give me an objective …

Many Members One Body

During Springtime, life begins to bloom and blossom! All creation becomes vivacious from flying insects, leaves on trees, furry walking friends, singing birds, busy people, and a host of other springtime fevers. Also, during this time, school comes to an end an outdoor activity begins. I have started enjoying the warm weather and the scenery …